Summer Time Potato Salad
There's nothing like potato salad in the summer right?! This one is super tasty! My family loves it! Especially with barbeque chicken on the grill! YUM! You hungry yet?! Enjoy!... [View Recipe]

Grits & Greens Casserole – Gluten FreeGrits & Greens Casserole – Gluten Free
This Grits & Greens cheesy Casserole dish is so easy and yummy good! Give it a try! Great way to get the kiddos to eat their greens! ... [View Recipe]

Gluten/Wheat Free Blueberry Scone Muffins
This muffin batter comes out more like scone dough. I baked them in my Pampered Chef nonstick brownie pan. Sprayed the pan with a bit of Olive Oil cooking spray.... [View Recipe]

Green Chile & Cheese Appetizer
Who's looking for a very easy peezy cheezy appetizer to take to a holiday party or pot luck coming up? I had this at one of the Christmas parties we attended last week. I was so excited to see a gluten free choice! If you have an issue with dairy however this may not be your friend! ... [View Recipe]

Paleo Peanut Butter Fudge CupsPaleo Peanut Butter Fudge Cups
These little paleo peanut butter fudge cups really hit the spot! They taste just like a peanut butter cup only made with much healthier ingredients and there's only five that you most likely already have in your pantry. They take like 5 minutes to make! Even the busiest of moms can whip these up for a healthy sweet treat!! ... [View Recipe]

Chicken Lasagnaladas Gluten Free Lady StyleChicken Lasagnaladas Gluten Free Lady Style
This dish taste just like chicken Enchiladas only with rice pasta! Great for those who may be eliminating Corn from their diet. So good too that I decided to make them for our Life Group pot luck tonight! ... [View Recipe]

Apple Cinnamon CakeApple Cinnamon Cake
Made this delicious moist apple cake last night in a snap for our Life group and it was a big hit! Everyone loved it! Well who doesn't love apples and cinnamon? Opps, it was all gone too fast before I could snap a pic! ... [View Recipe]

Paleo Chocolate Glazed DoughnutsPaleo Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts
Who doesn't like a doughnut every now and then right? To tell the truth I haven't had a doughnut in like 10 years! Regular doughnuts may taste good but are probably one of the worst foods on the planet besides pizza! Check out this delicious healthy doughnut recipe! ... [View Recipe]

Gluten/Wheat Free Dog Treats
For the ones we love! Fiber, Beta-carotene, magnesium, Vitamin B-6, and soluble fiber helps GI tract for regularity. Gluten/wheat/corn/rice free... [View Recipe]

Easy Morning Egg Muffins
Here's another recipe from Paleo Magazine Readers' Favorites Cookbook! I'm planning to make these for my hubby to eat in the morning dash! ... [View Recipe]

Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette DressingSweet Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
This Balsamic Vinaigrette is so good!! Just the right hint of sweetness! (Low glycemic, no added sugar)... [View Recipe]

Paleo Italian MeatballsPaleo Italian Meatballs
A quick and easy week night dish the whole family is sure to love! I’ve added in Spaghetti squash too in place of having pasta! It was really delicious, low in carbs and so healthy good without sacrificing any taste that’s for sure! This recipe is gluten/wheat/grain/sugar free. No one would even know unless you told them! ... [View Recipe]

Paleo Zucchini Pasta with Avocado Cream SaucePaleo Zucchini Pasta with Avocado Cream Sauce
This dish is so unbelievably good!!! My husband said it's better than any restaurant we went to on our vacay this last week in Baltimore! So healthy too because it's absolutely grain free! And the shrimp really makes it even better!!! Double YUM! We had some salmon cakes on the side! Recipe to follow!! Triple YUM!... [View Recipe]

Yummy & Easy Paleo BrowniesYummy & Easy Paleo Brownies
Time to get your chocolate on! These are absolutely the best brownies we’ve ever had and so healthy tasting yet so moist and YUMMY!! No one would no they are healthy with no added sugar!! Really! My husband couldn’t believe they are actually healthy! ... [View Recipe]

Broccoli Zucchini Quiche w/Goat Cheese
I'm making this savory brunch dish for my women's group at Pedernales River Fellowship during the Beth Moore simulcast this Saturday September 13th! Will post pics as soon as they come out of the oven! ... [View Recipe]

Ranch Dressing & Gluten Free Croutons:Ranch Dressing & Gluten Free Croutons:
This ranch dressing is awesome and these croutons are so tasty no one will even know they are gluten/wheat free! They taste like garlic bread! Wait until they tell you how good it all is and then tell them it's gluten/wheat free! Homemade is much better than bottled salad dressing with all the preservatives and it’s really quick and easy to make up and keep in an empty glass jar in the frig! ... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Mexican Rice
When you get a taste for some mexican rice, this recipe is quick and easy to make and it's delicious! I make a big pot of it at the beginning of the week for Clif to take some to work for lunch.... [View Recipe]

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Gluten Free
Enjoy this gluten free version of popular Jamaican jerk sauce! ... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Egg Pasta with Balsamic Brown ButterGluten Free Egg Pasta with Balsamic Brown Butter
OOMG! This dish is so good and so easy and fast to make!!! I modified this recipe and my husband says it's restaurant quality! If you are gluten free and you love your pasta you gotta try this dish!!! Even if you're not gluten free you gotta try it! Yummo!!! I modified this recipe using Gluten Free egg Pasta (instead of Ravioli because I haven’t found any gluten free ravioli yet in any store.) AND this is the first gluten free egg noddles I've found! Yipppee!! Ok so I haven't had any pasta in a while! I'm excited about it!!! ... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Peach CobblerGluten Free Peach Cobbler
This is my version of the old fashioned peach cobbler my granma used to make only modified gluten/wheat free and using Powdered Stevia instead of white sugar. Who doesn't love peach cobbler anyway? ... [View Recipe]

Tutuma Squash Info & Chicken RecipeTutuma Squash Info & Chicken Recipe
This season we are growing Tutuma Squash because of the Vine Borer’s getting our squash plants last year! We bought our seeds which were recommended at the Natural Gardener. Here’s our first two fruits! ... [View Recipe]

Easy Peazy Lemon Pie w/SteviaEasy Peazy Lemon Pie w/Stevia
Just made the most incredible gluten/wheat free Lemon pie WITHOUT using sweetened condensed milk. I used Stevia instead of regular sugar! So easy and it actually reminds me of Key Lime pie!... [View Recipe]

Corn Free Beanito PieCorn Free Beanito Pie
Beanito Chips are my new fav since corn bothers me almost as much as gluten/wheat when I eat too much of it! I used Black Bean Beanito Chips in this and some of the pinto bean ones. Use the ones you like! They have several varieties.... [View Recipe]

Almond Milk Ice Cream Recipe
Ice cream is one of the most well-loved and well-known desserts in the world because it is sweet and creamy, cold and refreshing on a hot day! A quick and easy dessert that most people love. Topping for pies, cookies, brownies, milkshakes, etc. It consists mostly of milk and cream, which can be high in fat and cow’s milk isn’t good for humans. So many people are allergic to dairy. There are dairy alternatives though like almond milk ice cream. Almond Milk ice cream tastes just as good as one made from dairy milk. It's also much healthier, less expensive and taste even better especially when you make your own at home! And you can add in fruit and berries to make it even more delicious and healthy! Homemade almond milk ice cream is not that hard to make, so you can have your right stuff treat and eat it too! ... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Lady Quick Left over Potato Veggie OmeletGluten Free Lady Quick Left over Potato Veggie Omelet
What's on my fork today? Whipped up this quick, healthy and yummy omelet for brunch today with some left over for Clif to have for his Tues and Wed morning breakfast! Had six left over egg yolks from the Quiche’s I made this last week which have 3 egg whites and 3 whole eggs in them so didn’t want to just throw these extra yolks out! hmmm, what can I make? I was out of my usual protein shake today so this is what made it to my fork today!... [View Recipe]

Lower Sugar Zucchini BreadLower Sugar Zucchini Bread
Oh my this Zucchini bread is so moist and delicious there won't be a morsel left I promise! What a great way to get your kids, little and big to eat their veggies and nuts! If you want to make it even lower in sugar just leave the chocolate chips out! ... [View Recipe]

Squash QuicheSquash Quiche
This is a delicious and fluffy quiche! Great protein meal with some complex carbs! The Squash really make this one a home run! Of course we all know everything is good with bacon! Quiche is one of the most easiest things to make even for the novice cook! And it's packed with protein! You can throw anything into a quiche except the kitchen sink! I shared this recipe with my Daniel Plan group at church and they all loved it, even the gluten/wheat free crust was a hit! ... [View Recipe]

Turkey Meatball Appetizers
Ever get home from work and have no clue what to cook healthy for dinner!? So you end up ordering pizza? Make this quick and healthy weeknight meal everyone will love! Even better, make some up extra, freeze them on a baking sheet. After frozen transfer to a zip lock bag to cook as needed. Great protein snack to take along when traveling, for parties or pot lucks! ... [View Recipe]

Homemade Ranch DressingHomemade Ranch Dressing
There's nothing like fresh herbs, greens and veggies from the garden with this tasty ranch dressing for or make a bit thicker to use as a dip! ... [View Recipe]

Roasted Yellow Baby Gourmet CarrotsRoasted Yellow Baby Gourmet Carrots
The carrots can also be tossed together with sliced red onions, fresh rosemary, olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic pepper, and then roasted until all are nicely caramelized.... [View Recipe]

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