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Spicy Brussel Sprout and Romaine Salad
This Caesar salad was so good last night especially in this Texas 🔥 heat! My husband loves Brussel Sprouts! I added some romaine in mine too. 😋... [View Recipe]

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Our son wanted something different than just plain ole spaghetti so I made meatballs! He loved it so much he took it for his lunch to work the next day! ... [View Recipe]

Honey Pecan Spread Crunch Treat
Anyone remember those popcorn balls you or your mom made using corn syrup and pop corn? Not for me now! Corn gives me severe inflammation and joint pain so I'm always improvising! This honey Pecan taste just like those popcorn balls without the yucky corny junk! In my world just about anything can be modified to become better! ... [View Recipe]

Chicken Black Bean & Kale Salad
This is a dish that can also be made vegetarian… making it easy to cater to various diets. Plus recipes like this are thumbs up in my family because it’s super delicious and healthy… but it also fills a hungry tummy… which we find many salads don’t do! It all starts with the Amazing Avocado Lime Dressing 😋 which is the foundation for this fabulous dish… great pot luck too! ... [View Recipe]

Cranberry Pecan Jalapeno Coleslaw
For your 4th of July. Great pot luck side! ... [View Recipe]

Nonna Luna's Shrimp Recipe from Giada on Food Network
This shrimp recipe is so yummy and super easy and fast for a quick week night meal! If you love shrimp, garlic, butter, cream, you'll be swimming in shrimp heaven in no time! ... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Chinese Orange CHICKEN Fried & Instant Pot DirectionsGluten Free Chinese Orange CHICKEN Fried & Instant Pot Directions
Fried & Instant Pot Directions. For the Instant Pot chicken I add the thighs in whole. Yal'L if you don't have an Instant Pot you gotta get one! It was a bit intimidating at first. After burning my hand from the steam ONCE, and ONLY once, I watched a few YouTube videos and was off to the races! Now I LOVE this little one pot wonder!!! ... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Beef Stew Pie
I saw this recipe online and hacked it gluten free! I took this photo from online but just imagine it with my Gluten Free Lady yummy flaky crust! Comfy foodies for the holidays! ... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Blueberry Coffee Cake
Pioneer Woman recipe modified gluten free! So quick and easy to whip up and oh so yummy!... [View Recipe]

Kale Sausage & Potato SoupKale Sausage & Potato Soup
Warm up your inerds with this hardy, healthy and very tasty kale, sausage and potato soup!... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Baked Pumpkin DonutsGluten Free Baked Pumpkin Donuts
These baked pumpkin donuts are a healthier alternative vs fried and they are so yummy! Great fall treat! Titan our Aussie dog likes them too! He loves anything pumpkin! ... [View Recipe]

Grain Free Fluffy PancakesGrain Free Fluffy Pancakes
These are some really good grain free (Paleo) fluffy pancakes! So simple to make and dairy free too! I add in some frozen blueberries! We top them with organic maple syrup! ... [View Recipe]

Best Ever Gluten Free Peach Cobbler Best Ever Gluten Free Peach Cobbler
Who loves cobbler? So far this is one of the best gluten free pie crust I've found yet! I also made some smaller cobblers pictured with some blueberries and cherries, Berry Cherry! YumYum! ... [View Recipe]

Paleo Honey Vanilla Ice CreamPaleo Honey Vanilla Ice Cream
This Paleo honey vanilla ice cream is so good! And it's refined sugar and dairy free! So eat up! ... [View Recipe]

Paleo Chocolate Almond Ice CreamPaleo Chocolate Almond Ice Cream
This Paleo chocolate almond ice cream is awesome! It will definitely satisfy those chocolate sweet cravings and it's so much healthier than store bought! It's refined sugar free and dairy free too. Easy to make and gobble up! ... [View Recipe]

Paleo Refried Rice Paleo Refried Rice
Since eliminating grains lately I've been getting more into Paleo cooking and absolutely loving everything I'm learning about this way of life and cooking such delicious healthy foods! One thing I really miss is RICE! Especially refried shrimp rice!! Now I can have it without my gut being upset by grains! My newest addiction and it's actually a good one! Yippee! ... [View Recipe]

Faux Tater Salad
Cauliflower tater salad. Paleo, grain free... [View Recipe]

Best Ever Paleo Grain Free PancakesBest Ever Paleo Grain Free Pancakes
These are the best most delicious pancakes ever! And they only have 1 tablespoon of raw honey! High protein Low carb! They come out almost like a crepe. Top with Keri Gold grass fed butter or eat them plain for breakfast or snack. (I put left overs cut in half in plastic bags to grab in the morning!) Titan our aussie dog loves them too! He's eaten gluten/wheat/grain free since we brought him home at 8 weeks old. ... [View Recipe]

Jalapeno Cilantro Coleslaw
This coleslaw dish from Rea Drummond The Pioneer Woman is a huge hit where ever you take it! So good! ... [View Recipe]

Banana Cherry Custard Muffins non dairy
These banana cherry custard muffins are so easy to whip up, great for a quick healthy protein breakfast or snack or dress them up as an elegant dessert for your next luncheon, tea party or gathering. Gluten, grain and dairy free.... [View Recipe]

Beef & Bean Chili Soup & Gluten Free Flaky Biscuits Beef & Bean Chili Soup & Gluten Free Flaky Biscuits
Hot, hardy and comfy beefy bean soup to warm you up on a cold winter day!... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Lady's SalsaGluten Free Lady's Salsa
Who doesn't love salsa?! We had a bumper tomato crop this year early so I decided to make salsa. This taste better than the Mexican restaurants and it's all from our garden except the organic onions! And this is alkaline foods too! ... [View Recipe]

Grainfree Banana BreadGrainfree Banana Bread
This banana bread is so easy to whip up in the blender! There's no sugar in this recipe, sweetened by the bananas! And it's no grain no pain! What I call real comfort food baby! ... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Fried Chicken WingsGluten Free Fried Chicken Wings
My famous gluten free chicken wings! Everyone loves these and I make them so much for church pot lucks that people keep asking me where's the recipe so finally put it here on the website! ... [View Recipe]

Pumpkin Seed Protein Guiltless Chocolate BrowniesPumpkin Seed Protein Guiltless Chocolate Brownies
These are no grain no pain brownies made with Pumpkin Seed Superfood Protein! Go ahead and indulge cause these are guiltless! Don't forget to share some with family and friends who are gonna love you for it! ... [View Recipe]

Flourless Gluten Free Black Bean Chocolate Cake with Butter Cream Cheese FrostingFlourless Gluten Free Black Bean Chocolate Cake with Butter Cream Cheese Frosting
This cake is unbelievably good! No one would even know it was flourless made with black beans unless you told them! It's so moist, low sugar (when omiting the frosting) and packed full of protein too! So you could make into muffins or mini cupcakes and eat them un-frosted as a protein snack! ... [View Recipe]

Sue's Gluten Free Lady Lemon Garlic ChickenSue's Gluten Free Lady Lemon Garlic Chicken
This chicken dish is so delicious and very quick and easy to prepare! It goes great with the side salad. Great Valentines dinner! Your date will love you! Oops, except for the garlic! LOL!... [View Recipe]

Pumpkin Spice Mini CupcakesPumpkin Spice Mini Cupcakes
These little bite size pumpkin spiced treats are so yummy! Taste and smells of Autumn. Our Aussie dog Titan loves them too as a special treat! He gets the ones without the frosting! Although he does love licking the spoon just like we did when we were kids, oh yeah, we still do! Not too spoiled is he? :)... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pecan BreadGluten Free Sweet Potato Pecan Bread
I had some sweet potatoes from our garden this summer so decided to make this sweet potato bread! It's so delicious no one would even guess it was gluten/wheat free and healthy too! Everyone loves it including our dog Titan! My husband is keeping it all for himself! So guess it's time to make another batch! :)... [View Recipe]

Gluten Free Lady Honey Barbeque SauceGluten Free Lady Honey Barbeque Sauce
A sweet and not too tangy barbecue sauce that I love for grilled chicken, ribs and wings! I use honey vs brown sugar for a more healthy option! Super yummy yal'L! ... [View Recipe]

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