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Honey Pecan Spread Crunch Treat

Anyone remember those popcorn balls you or your mom made using corn syrup and pop corn? Not for me now! Corn gives me severe inflammation and joint pain so I'm always improvising!

This honey Pecan taste just like those popcorn balls without the yucky corny junk!

In my world just about anything can be modified to become better!

Honey Pecan

This is an easy sweet treat with all of the good and none of the bad!  We buy local honey from Farmer Daves market here in Spicewood..  sometimes I just want a treat but do not want to eat too much sugar and especially no corn syrup!  Not sure about you but sugar drags me down if I binge on it too much and corn is a disaster waiting to happen for my body!!  Inflammation, joint pain and lot's of trips to the porcelain throne!  No fun for discussion!!  So I avoid corn and corn ingredients as much as possible like the plague!  

I heated some Pecan pieces in a pan. Add honey (how much depends on how much pecans you use so eye ball it)  mixed with red pepper spice, cumin, salt and a bit of chopped Jalapeños from our garden (omit if you don't like spicey). Mixed it all together and spread on parchment paper to let sit for a spell.

Add to some homemade vanilla ice cream (RECIPE HERE)  or whatever ice cream you prefer, mix with yogurt and berries, or eat it like a snack treat! 

Put it in the frig and it becomes more crunchy!    

Enjoy this Yummy no guilt treat!  


PS... you can also make this with almonds!!!  Can you see me doing the Snoopy Happy dance?!!!!  


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