Unlocking The Mystery of Wheat and Gluten Sensitivity

Discover the physiological and neurological effect wheat and other grains have on the entire body. 

This 2-hour DVD of the June 17, 2006 seminar at College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois is a valuable learning tool for those interested in gluten sensitivity and the connection to auto-immune diseases.  Learn how to implement and follow a gluten-free diet for improved health and wellness.

In sensitive individuals, gluten intolerance triggers Auto-Immune Diseases, Attention Deficient Disorders, Epilepsy, and Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and more. During this seminar, learn how all may be related to gluten.


Is it an Allergy, Sensitivity or intolerance?  Identifying Celiac Disease

  • Celiac Disease ‘out of intestine’ is more frequent than Celiac Disease ‘within the intestine’.
  • Celiac Disease starts in childhood even when not diagnosed until adulthood
  • Making sense of wheat and gluten-free shopping, meal planning and cooking
  • Identifying hidden sources of gluten and understand cross-contamination


Identifying and Conquering Gluten Sensitivity Inside and Outside the Gut

This 3-DVD series will be conclusively identifying the impact of Gluten Sensitivity inside the intestines (Celiac Disease) and outside of the intestines (Auto-Immune Diseases)

Each of the 5 sections introduces a major component to getting a handle on how this may affect you and your family.

Understand current research, science and treatment for Gluten Sensitivity/Celiac Disease

Understand why gluten sensitivity and celiac disease affect the body more outside the gut than inside

Understand the research behind many auto-immune diseases triggered by gluten

Learn why following a gluten-free diet may not be enough for many

Understand the current state of testing for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity

Learn about the nutriceutical protocol, effective for healing to begin


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