Gluten Free Pie Crust

Gluten Free Pie Crust from Simply Gluten Free. I just made My Big Fat Comfy Chicken Pot Pie using this flour and it was really good! The flour is a bit crumbly so follow the directions and you'll be ok!

Meanwhile, here's Carol's recipe for Pie Crust and where you order her Gluten Free flour blend-


Ok got this new flour blend in last week and already made my famous Pecan Bars, took them to my women's group and gave some to the men at their group too and everyone was raving about them!  They couldn't believe they are Gluten Free!

I noticed a difference when pressing the dough into the pan, was easier to handle and there wasn't the usual smell that my other flour has when it's wet.  The crust was really flaky and so good!  I plan to use this blend especially for baking.  Looking forward to making some Pies!! 


And I made My Big Fat Comfy Chicken Pot Pie with this flour.  The dough is a bit crumbly like she said so I put it in a zip lock bag to press into a disc and put in the frig as directed for one hour.


Gluten Free Lady



Gluten Free Lady