Gluten Free Lady Beefy Cheesy Nachos!

When in doubt what to make quick for dinner just make um Nachos! So good!!

1 package of beef stew meat or have your butcher cut up about one lb of sirloin.  (I usually also use grass fed beef because I feel better when eating the grass fed vs the grain fed.) But hey whatever floats your boat!  

4 Tablespoons Butter

Peppers (I used some from our garden but you can use any kind you have on hand. We love peppers in everything!)

Medium or Mild Queso cheese from Whole Foods ( gluten free brand in cheese section)  you can make your own Queso from Velvetta and Rotel but Velvetta is not gluten free so I don’t eat that anymore!

Kosher Salt, Garlic Pepper, Cumin, dash of Cheyenne

Refried Black or Pinto Beans – I use Amy’s Gluten Free refried organic black beans. 

Sharp Chedder cheese

I use Non GMO Tortilla Chips from Whole Foods

Melt the butter in pan, add the beef, peppers, salt, pepper, spices and let it cook for about 2 minutes before moving it around.  Give the pan a little shake and then stir around.    Let the meat simmer for a few minutes and then add the Queso in …

Spread the beans on the chips, add on the meat mixture and top with Chedder cheese.

Bake in oven on 350 for about 3 minutes.

And as my New Yorker friend Mark Dana says… “if anyone tries to steal your cheese say it’s Nacho Cheese!” 

Enjoy the Journey!

Gluten Free Lady… XO!

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Gluten Free Lady