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Click Here To See My DAILY Nutritional Regimen

I was offered a free sample of this new gluten/wheat/grain free snack, it's great for Paleo, they are also Nut free, non GMO, no sugar, high in fiber, suitable for Diabetics, Celiacs and Vegans, low calorie. They found and contacted me at Gluten Free Lady.


The delicious sweet taste and texture make them a nutritious and seriously healthy snack food.  They actually taste quite good with a slightly sweet and sort of nutty flavor!  I'm going to experiment with using them in my gluten/wheat/grain free cooking, and perhaps as cereal with some coconut milk or crumble on top of yogurt, grind up as a flour!   Stay tuned for recipes! 


They're not only good for you, they taste great too, and as a bonus help curb your appetite. Throughout the web site you can find out as much as you will ever want to know about this incredible product. But let's start with the fact that they are actually not a nut, they are a tuber, they grow in the ground much like a potato or carrot, and when they are ready, they are cleaned and allowed to dry in the warm sun of the Mediterranean, on the coast of Spain for three whole months before being packed for us exclusively! 


Tiger Nuts are highly recommended for sportmen and women, children and the elderly as part of a healthy diet.

Here's the Paleo Breakfast cookies I made using some Tiger Nuts I ground into a flour (these were a great hit today at
our Sunday morning Life Group class at Pedernales River Fellowship in Spicewood

Print the recipe here ===>


Want to check them out and try Tiger Nuts?  Visit their website at ===>

‘The G Free Diet’ - A Gluten Free Survival Guide

The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck brings gluten-free living into the spotlight as the next big movement in health and wellness.

Are you looking for information and support on living the Gluten Free lifestyle? Elsabeth Hasselbeck's book GFree Diet was instrumental in the beginning of my gluten free journey.

The ups and downs to stay compliant to this lifestyle diet have been tough and also well worth the effort.   I’ve been through denial, pain, fatigue,  isolation, confusion and panic when going out to restaurants, traveling, being around people in groups when choosing the place to eat and being in a panic when they choose an Italian place.  If you've been through any of these situations you are not alone!! 

Experiencing the frustration of walking into the grocery or health food store was mind boggling at first when not knowing what on earth to eat and what's going to trigger more pain again. 

Learning to read every label has been very helpful.  Learning  too that gluten is in so many products as well as non food products has been real eye opening.
Were you aware that Gluten is in makeup, shampoo, lip gloss, hair color and some of our health supplements so it’s been really important to keep a close eye on labels?  Because back in 2008 I was not aware of this until I read Elisabeth's book.

Have you ever experienced driving around for hours when out looking for something to eat and had to settle for potato chips and water?  Been there done that too.  Do people look at you like you're crazy or weird when you say you are gluten free or that you cannot eat wheat and even grains in my case?   

Have you felt like the odd person out, pain in the rear so to speak!?   For me, it was getting to where I just wanted to stay home and was thinking I'd never be able to travel again.  Well it's gotten a lot easier so just know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  There are so many more great choices too with products in main stream grocery stores and restaurants than there were five years ago.  Austin alone has more than 80 gluten free menu restaurants.   *I’ve got a dining out card right here on the website that you can print out for CLICK HERE TO PRINT

I was elated when first hearing about Elisabeth’s book.   It's full of great resources, recipes, grocery stores, foundations, online forums, and is a literal survival guide for those who find out they cannot have gluten and decide on living a Gluten Free lifestyle. 

Sue Seward
Gluten Free Lady

Excerpt from 'The G Free Diet' -

"It turns out I have a lot of company! Apparently, I am not alone in benefiting from the G-free diet: According to the University of Chicago, 1 out of every 133 otherwise healthy adults in the United States has celiac disease that's nearly 3 million of us.  But a gluten-free lifestyle can help countless others as well. People suffering from a wide range of diseases from autism to osteoporosis, from diabetes to rheumatoid arthritis can often benefit from this change in diet. Even people with no health issues have a great deal to gain by giving up gluten. The G-free diet can help with weight management. It can elevate your energy levels, improve your attention span, and speed up your digestion. 

Whatever your motivation for going G-free whether you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, or a basic desire to live a healthier, longer life this book will help you achieve your goal.   It's an all-inclusive, easy-to-read survival guide to living without gluten and loving it. I will define gluten in all its particulars, and teach you how to spot it in the unlikeliest places. I will also help you navigate social situations, and instruct you in the art of reading both food and beauty product labels.  

You will learn how to target gluten-free products, both at restaurants and your local supermarket, how to stay on your diet even in a foreign country, and even how to keep your kids G-free in the school cafeteria. By the end of this book, you will be equipped with all the information you need to get through the world without gluten. My guess is that you will only wish that you had done it sooner"  - Elisabeth Hasselbeck

 *More About Elisabeth and her book - CLICK HERE

  Giving a shout out for Tracy Hill's Gluten Free cookbook with lot's of awesome and delicious gluten, dairy and no refined sugar recipes!    A friend in my women's group at Pedernales River Fellowship knows Tracy and showed me a copy.  Just ordered a mine!  The book is absolutely beautiful with so many awesome recipes! 

“Delightfully Free" is full of these food ideas—all GF, DF and free of refined sugar. It’s really a complete look at all Tracy’s best recipes from all categories: breads and muffins, soups and salads, chicken, fish, eggs, fruit, veggies, snacks, cookies, cakes, pies, crumblies.


Looking forward to making the chocolate pie with no dairy for our women's group at PRF!    My friend said it's so incredible people won't even realize it's all healthy stuff! 

Order your copy at ======>



*For information
on Identifying And Conquering Gluten Sentivity Inside And Outside The Gut And Gluten Sensivitity Testing from Thomas O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DABCN CLICK HERE

Read labels carefully...

 The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners such as Sucralose/Splenda

From Mercola:

"There is enough evidence showing the dangers of consuming artificial sweeteners to fill an entire book -- which is exactly why I wrote Sweet Deception. If you or your loved ones drink diet beverages or eat diet fo
ods, this book will explain how you've been deceived about the truth behind artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose -- for greed, for profits ... and at the expense of your own health."  CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

Dr Oz has even said that "he really doesn't see artificial sweeteners helping people lose weight....that artificial sweeteners are basically trying to trick the brain. The brain knows this and reminds your body to eat because it needs nutrients."  Click Here To Learn More About The Dangers Of Artificial Sweeteners from Dr. Oz

9 Characteristics for Living a Long Healthy Life from The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest a book by Dan Buettner, recommended by Dr. Thomas O'Bryan

These people are living well into their 90's and 100's and are very healthy even if they are living in a polluted environment. This are some of their characteristics -

1. Move Naturally - instead of parking right by the entrance to the door of the grocery store park a ways away so you have to walk to the store! My husband does this all the time even when its raining! :D

2. Hara Hachi – Eat 20% less, when you're full push back your plate

3. Plant Slant- eat lots of fresh vegetables

4. Grapes of Life – Drink red wine in moderation (The Poly Meal)

5. Purpose Now – do you wake up with a purpose in your life?

6. Down Shift – get quite, take time to relax, meditate

7. Belong – join groups where you fit in that make you happy

8. Loved Ones First

9. Right Tribe – (these people in their old age are revered by their family and treated with respect)

Click Here For Gluten Free Restaurants In Austin Texas!

Some of my favorite restaruants w/Gluten Free menu.  *Total gluten free kitchen & catering

*Tea Thyme Cafe Marble Falls gr
Totally Gluten/Wheat Free kitchen!  Salad and hot bar with home cooking, usually three meats, fish, tacos, sandwiches and great desserts!  They also sell breads.

PF Changs


Hopdoddy's Burgers & Fries (2 locations at Anderson and Congress)

All Star Burger at the Bee Cave Galleria. Dedicated fryer for fries.  Burger is awesome with gluten free bun.  They also have gluten free cookies, brownies and shakes. I eat here often and have not gotten sick.


Panera Bread -  Chopped Chicken Cobb with Avacodo w/o Blue Cheese

Outback Steak House

Java Dive Lakeway

*Wildwood Cafe Austin Dedicated Gluten Free (great onion rings!)

*Chicken Paradise Bed & Breakfast San Antonio Texas


Be sure to download the FIND ME GLUTEN FREE App on your mobile phone, it's great when out of town!

Click Here To Find some of your favorite restaurant recipes! 

List Of Non-GMO Food Companies With A Printable List of Brands - (As with anything glean what is useful for you and leave the rest.  Remember someone always has an opinion and I've found it's best to be respectful of that.)

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