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Sue's Blog

Monday, 12/17/12 - Personal thoughts on various ingredients in health products....

This information is my personal opinion and is not meant to offend any particular person or to speak negatively about any particular product, ingredients, or company.   So for anyone sensitive who cannot tolerate hearing anything negative about what they believe is the most wonderful, best company in the whole wide world, might be best to stop reading now to avoid being offended by a personal opinion.   This information is not about a particular company or product.   If anyone thinks it is about them it's probably because they are thinking of themselves and their own insecurity. 

For those who decide to continue reading hopefully this information will help in some meaningful way because that’s what this website is all about. 

I’ve been a health and wellness advocate for over eighteen years and have taken many health care products over the last twenty plus years and have done a lot of study in this area.  There are certain ingredients that I cannot and will not consume because of how they affect my health.  Some of these ingredients have caused serious illness for my body such as migraines, joint pain, foggy brain, memory loss, skin issues, irritable bowel symptoms, Thyroid and Osteopenia issues.   Consequently I’ve done research on Celiac and gluten sensitivities and have become an avid label reader over the last five years. 

I’m not a scientist nor am I a health care professional but I do feel that I have experience in this area because I was seriously ill due to certain ingredients in products and will not buy them from MLM companies, online, or in stores.  I’m always searching for high quality products with ingredients that my body will not have a reaction to.   I take products from various companies not just one particular company and some are MLM company’s products and some are not.     If a particular MLM company has a product with ingredients my body can tolerate I’m going to check their ingredient list out and even possibly try them if it’s something I happen to be looking for.   If it works for me, I’m happy to recommend that product on my website. 

Ingredients high are my radar screen that have been harmful to my health in particular is gluten and wheat, which has caused serious consequences if I ingest them by accident.   

Other ingredients on my ‘do not consume’ radar screen are artificial or chemical sweeteners such as Sucralose/Splenda (in fact, we have not used splenda for over twelve years now because we feel it’s harmful for our health.  I’ve done the research on this ingredient and have had many people tell me how it has negatively affected their health with headaches and stomach pain, etc; personally I do not feel this is a ‘healthy’ ingredient at all.  It does appear however to be a cheaper ingredient.    If a company uses it in their products and says it’s healthy I do not agree. Again that’s my personal opinion).   So please do not shoot the messenger! 

Caffeine also affects me in a negative way unless its green tea.  I also do not react well to products with guarana in them so I stay away from that ingredient.    I’ve found caffeine, and sucralose in most over the counter energy drinks in main stream stores and we do not consume those energy products.  Taurine is something I'm looking into and is in a lot of the over the counter energy drinks.  (Bipolar disorder: There is some concern that taking too much taurine might make bipolar disorder worse. In one case, a 36-year-old man with adequately controlled bipolar disorder was hospitalized with symptoms of mania after consuming several cans of an energy drink containing taurine, caffeine, inositol, and other ingredients (Red Bull Energy Drink) over a period of 4 days. It is not known if this is related to taurine, caffeine, inositol, a different ingredient, or a combination of the ingredients.)  At this time I will not consume any products with the ingredient Taurine in them. 

Of course anyone can do their own due diligence and come to their own conclusions as to what ingredients are best for them and their families.  I’m always looking at various products that we may want to buy and take for our health as a customer and if any of these ingredients are listed I don’t become a consumer of those products and do not recommend them on my website. 

I’m also highly sensitive to blue cheese of any kind (although I absolutely love it!) and do not use it in any of my cooking and do not order anything with it in restaurants.  I’ve never had a restaurant owner tell me I was bashing their restaurant because I did not want to eat their blue cheese or anything else on their menu that was not gluten free.    I substitute feta or parmesan cheese.  When I’ve eaten eat blue cheese my head starts to swell and I’ve got a migraine within about 5 minutes of ingesting it.   

It’s also now been recommended to me by my holistic doctor, after some test results, that I go off all grains including rice and corn, including gluten free breads made with rice.   So I look for these ingredients in products.  If they are in the ingredient list I try not to ingest them and when I do ingest them by accident issues rise up such as irritable bowel symptoms plus joint and gland pain.  My holistic doctor always said a good rule of thumb is to consume products with the least amount of ingredients.  In other words, look for a short list!  

Just because someone thinks their company is the best company and only product in the entire world that is helping people doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone.    Try taking each person’s opinion with a grain of salt.   Not everyone is going to be able to tolerate certain product ingredients due to allergies, etc.    

Hope this information has been helpful!

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