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Personal Stories That Bless Our Lives!
Monday, 04/02/18 -   A few personal stories from some of our customers and affiliates with more pouring in daily!    It gives me such pleasure to share a true story from one of my local customers...[Read More]

Never Give Up! CBD Oil is Changing Lives!
Wednesday, 03/07/18 -     Here’s a true story about our HempWorx CBD hemp Oil from one of my local customers who wasn't seeing any results for a month and was becoming a bit...[Read More]

Short update from Gluten Free Lady
Thursday, 02/15/18 - Hey gang, it seems like I’ve been out on the prairie, I mean it really does! I’ve taken off the last five years or so to step back from my business to reflect, do a lot of spiritual...[Read More]

The Power of Listening to Wise Counsel
Thursday, 02/01/18 - Here's a teaching story from the Bible on the power of listening to wise counsel - 2 Kings 5 Naaman Healed of Leprosy Now Naaman was commander of the army of...[Read More]

Which Seed Are You?
Wednesday, 01/24/18 - Which seed are you?   I’ve have enjoyed being retired for a few years now doing  a lot of reflecting, resting, relaxing, traveling, cooking, gardening, serving at our church One...[Read More]

Social Media Etiquette: Are You Good, Bad or Ugly?
Wednesday, 01/17/18 - Copyright © 2018 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.    So are you good, bad or ugly when it comes to social media? It's ok when we get a little bad with like falling off our eating...[Read More]

Network Marketing - Why Again?
Thursday, 01/11/18 -  Welcome to 2018 with Gluten Free Lady So much has happened in the last few years.  We are now officially empty nesters and happy to report both our sons are off our payroll and doing...[Read More]

5 Steps for Breaking Bad Habits & Building Good Habits
Monday, 01/08/18 - 1. Visualize your desired future state. What do you want? How badly do you want it? Will the hard work and self-denial be worth the end reward? For example: if your goal is to lose 30 pounds,...[Read More]

My top CBD Oil Product Recommendation is....
Tuesday, 01/02/18 - My top CBD Oil Network Marketing Company Recommendation is....   Here's some of the important reasons why I chose HempWorx, owned by My Daily Choice (MDC)   Low start-up cost of...[Read More]

How Popular Medications Lead to Depression How To Heal Naturally from Suzy Cohen
Tuesday, 01/02/18 - We started using CBD oil about a month ago and honestly we've seen some of the most immediate  and measurable results from any natural healing product we've used in many years. This CBD oil has...[Read More]

Have you tried this CBD oil yet?
Thursday, 12/28/17 -   CBD Hemp Oil Network Marketing companies are quite popular right now and since so many people are seeing measurable results, that’s always a very good thing with any Network...[Read More]

CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats - An article from Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM
Friday, 12/15/17 - Titan our Awesome Aussie dog loves A To Z Dog Ranch in Spicewood for play with his other tribe... We must take good care of our fur babies!  Please pass this very informative information...[Read More]

Gluten Free Lady and CBD Oil
Thursday, 12/14/17 - Hello everyone! It gives me great pleasure to be able to recommend wellness solutions that really do get results at Gluten Free Lady! For more information on HempWorx CBD Oil products we've been...[Read More]

Gluten Free Lady Recommends Blackbox Cosmetic Nontoxic Mineral Makeup!
Monday, 08/14/17 - “We’ve been using Blackbox Cosmetics products since June 2012.  I highly recommend this 100% nontoxic, gluten and paraben free skin, hair care and now new mineral cosmetics with 42...[Read More]

Do You Have Enough Faith to Walk Through Closed Doors?
Wednesday, 12/07/16 - A story by Bree Rossi “If it’s God’s will, he’ll open a door.” We’ve all heard that before, haven’t we? Whether in a sermon or from friends or family,...[Read More]

Women Making a Difference in Other People’s Lives
Tuesday, 12/06/16 - Sue Seward Copyright 2016 Surveys conducted by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) revealed that approximately 77.4% of direct sellers in 2015 were women.  So heads up guys, be sure to...[Read More]

Wondercide Kills Fleas & Ticks Naturally!
Saturday, 05/21/16 - Titan The Awesome Aussie Recommends Wondercide! Gang this stuff is absolutely amazing and it's all natural ingredients that does NOT harm the good beneficials like bees, butterflies, frogs,...[Read More]

Losing Weight & Dieting What Works & What Doesn't?
Tuesday, 04/12/16 - We're winding down our 'Made To Crave' series this August and starting a new 6 weeks Bible Study series with Lysa TerKuerst called 'UNGLUED' September 8th through October 6th. Our GROUP meets in the...[Read More]

Quick fix or long term health, you decide...
Thursday, 03/24/16 - 1. My philosophy has been to eat healthy and exercise and not take diet/health drinks and/or pills for energy, or to lose weight. I do take pro-biotics for my gut health. There's also foods...[Read More]

Do Any of these Fad Diet/Health Gimmicks Really Work Long Term?
Wednesday, 03/23/16 - Personally I’ve been on this journey to become healthier, lost weight and kept it off for over 8 years by eating clean healthy foods, cutting out the gluten/wheat, white flours, carbs, and...[Read More]

What the 'affordable' care act did to us
Monday, 02/29/16 - And if you'd like to find out more on the advantages of owning a home business and the legal tax deductions available to you as a home business owner visit my friend Ron Mueller's website over...[Read More]

Love these new Anti-Aging Products!
Monday, 02/22/16 - Blackbox Cosmetics products are high quality, gluten free, organic, holistic, green, and they are affordable.  They have a new toxin free make up line that I've been using since 2016. ...[Read More]

Are You Reaching & Keeping Your Weight Loss Goals?
Monday, 02/22/16 - Anyone can lose weight right? What's most important is how many people really do keep the weight off long term? Of course we all know there are certain life circumstances that may cause a person to...[Read More]

One of the Best Kept Secrets!
Monday, 02/08/16 - Blackbox skin, hair and personal care products are the most advanced age reversing cosmeceuticals on the planet. They are holistic, gluten free, they use green packaging, are affordable and get...[Read More]

New word for 2016 - Grainbesity
Monday, 01/04/16 - Gluten Free Lady 2015 My husband found some past photos of me from 1998 and some in the 2000's and remarked how heavy I used to be all over but mostly in the belly, even though he said I was...[Read More]

Holiday & Pot Luck Recipes Modified Gluten Free
Monday, 11/16/15 -   Here are some yummy dishes that I thought looked great for the holidays and potlucks.  Most of them are pretty simple to prepare.  I’ve listed under each link what I use to...[Read More]

Snow Photos At The Texas Gulf Coast Christmas 2004!
Tuesday, 08/18/15 - Visit My Photos - 20 Pics White Christmas In South Texas! ...[Read More]

Growing, Drying, Storing and Using Stevia Herb!
Wednesday, 07/15/15 - The Seward Garden in Spicewood Texas This photo was after I took some cuttings - this year our Stevia plants have grown about 3' tall!   Stevia leaves found special place in the culture...[Read More]

Want To Start the New Year With Real Lasting Life Change?
Wednesday, 12/31/14 -     CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW FAITHUFUL WORKOUTS ON FACEBOOK    Not a Facebook person? Send Michelle an email by the end of the day, let her know you completed the challenge, and...[Read More]

Healthy For The Holidays
Thursday, 12/11/14 - Are you guilty of eating one of everything at Christmas dinner? (Don't worry...we all are!) Here's one simple rule to follow that will leave you more satisfied and less guilty this Christmas...[Read More]

Free Movie, ORIGINS - available for only 2 more days!
Thursday, 11/20/14 - Friends, this is an absolute must see film that I know so many of you will appreciate!   Especially for anyone who cares about the health and well-being of their family, children in...[Read More]

Ten Tips For Enjoying the Holidays & Preventing Weight Gain
Tuesday, 11/11/14 - 1.  Fill up on veggies while at gatherings and pot lucks.  This is such a great way to protect against obesity. Fill your plate with salad and vegetables and do not forget to add some...[Read More]

Gluten Free Lady Greens Product Review & Holiday Recipes
Wednesday, 11/05/14 - First, a little heads up that I've started the Essentials of Sport And Exercise Nutrition certification which is an extensive Health Coaching certification for fitness professionals from Precision...[Read More]

Powerful supplement I'm adding to our nutritional arsenal!
Wednesday, 10/29/14 - Ever feel Tired? Are you Overweight, and Irritable?   If you are over 30, you may be noticing some disturbing changes.   And if you are over 40, I can almost guarantee you are...[Read More]

The wrong way to go gluten free plus a delicious recipe!
Tuesday, 10/21/14 - I’m excited to pass good healthy recipes along to everyone because of the incidence of sugar addiction in our communities. So many gluten free products are loaded with sugar and rely on high...[Read More]

Is Paleo Unrealistic?
Thursday, 10/09/14 - This is from a colleague of mine Sean Croxton.  I just happened to have met Dr. Tom O'Bryan on Sean's blog talk radio show over three years ago!  He's got some good stuff!  I also...[Read More]

Scary Viruses, Now What?
Friday, 10/03/14 - I made a blog post concerning this topic some time back on how to boost our immune system. Dr. Kelly Ann has some interesting and important things you will want to know to protect yourself and...[Read More]

What to say when people ask those annoying questions about gluten free?
Thursday, 08/28/14 - Be prepared because sometimes it can get pretty frustrating when people ask the same ridiculous questions over and over. They can't help that they're not educated in this area.  So let's help...[Read More]

Interview with Dr. Tom O'Bryan - Gluten's affects on the Brain
Monday, 08/25/14 - I got this call recorded for you to listen in with Dr. Tom O’Bryan about gluten issues related to the brain because it's such an informational interview that has to do with NON-Celiac gluten...[Read More]

Is Lowering Cholesterol to prevent disease really a myth?
Friday, 08/22/14 - Why have we been led to believe that having high cholesterol is BAD and lowering our cholesterol is good? High cholesterol is actually a protective factor in ALS?  What about this myth that fat...[Read More]

Quick Healthy Smoothie Ideas
Tuesday, 08/19/14 - Smoothies are a great way to get some quick healthy nutrition to fuel your body especially when you're on the go!  Kids love um too!  Stay young and vibrant no matter what age you...[Read More]

What can be learned from Robin Williams' death? Important update from Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Friday, 08/15/14 - This message just in from Dr. Tom O’Bryan -   I was very saddened to hear that Robin Williams was gone. An icon in the world left us... way too early. And now, we've learned he was...[Read More]

What Causes Brain Drain - the silent killer?
Thursday, 08/14/14 - "Anyone who has experienced depression knows how debilitating it can be.  And the worse part is it's shoved under the rug. No one wants to talk about it and people are preceived as weak if they...[Read More]

Could gluten be making you depressed?
Tuesday, 08/12/14 - Today I’d like to address the subject of depression, mainly because of my own personal experience for years and because it affects millions of people including teens. Note: About 11 percent...[Read More]

The toxins you know and the ones you don't! Don't miss The Detox Summit!
Saturday, 08/02/14 - The Detox Summit will be one of the most influential events of the year. Here's why...   The reason why there's such an increase in the number of people...[Read More]

5 Things You Didn't Know About Gluten with Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Thursday, 07/31/14 - Dr. Tom O'Bryan's informative discussion with Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness -5 Things You Didn't Know About Gluten - Click Here For Dr. O'Bryan's Discussion Online   Enjoy the...[Read More]

Is gluten sensitivity a fad diagnosis?
Thursday, 07/24/14 - We influenced more than 100,000 people around the world with the 30 hours of education that were offered at The Gluten Summit. Even more with the summit follow up webinar, “Now That You...[Read More]

Grow Your Own Food Summit Free Seminars!
Thursday, 07/03/14 - When you learn that you or someone in your family has a gluten-related disorder, you suddenly discover that the grocery store becomes a library (due to all of the label reading), a restaurant...[Read More]

Gluten Free Lady Top Restaurant Pick in Marble Falls Texas!
Thursday, 06/26/14 - Don't let the small little sign fool you! This place has incredible food and our server was delightful!       I've been eating gluten/wheat free since 2008 due to...[Read More]

Shout out for Blackbox skin care new deet free Insect Repellent Lotion!
Wednesday, 06/18/14 - All of the products I recommend here on Gluten Free Lady are products we've used for years and have seen excellent results from.   We've used Blackbox skin, personal and hair...[Read More]

God Uses Circumstances to Change Us!
Tuesday, 06/17/14 - I just finished reading the chapter about Faith in ‘The Daniel Plan’ where Pastor Warren is talking about God using circumstances to change us and it really struck a chord with me...[Read More]

Exercise is the RIGHT stuff!
Monday, 06/16/14 - Had to run to town early in this morning.  Well 9 AM is early for me!  Ha!  Banking, grocery store for a few items and then thought heck I’ve already got my work out clothes on...[Read More]

Gluten Free Lady Good Stuff For Good Living!
Tuesday, 06/10/14 -   Lemon Butter Sole Roll Ups We literally are what we eat!  It is possible to turn back the clock too.  I know because I’ve done it!    Start focusing on reading...[Read More]

My Journey and The Daniel Plan
Sunday, 06/08/14 - Had the pleasure today with the Daniel Plan group at our church at Pedernales River Fellowship here in Spicewood, Texas, to share from my heart about my chronic illness over about a 12 year period,...[Read More]

The Potential Impact of Gluten on Your Brain, Thyroid and Body
Thursday, 06/05/14 -   The thyroid is the #3 autoimmune condition that's very common with gluten sensitivity. The first one is celiac. The second one is type I diabetes. And, the third one is thyroid...[Read More]

Free Online Event: The Thyroid Summit
Tuesday, 05/27/14 - "One of the issues I had for many years was my thyroid going up and down.  The doctors called it 'hasimoto's disease' and I was on thyroid medication for over 32 years. ...[Read More]

The real key to automatic weight loss from Dr. Mark Hyman
Saturday, 05/24/14 - This was me after having our first son in 1987 at age 34.  I struggled too with weight gain for many years always being at least 25 tof 30 lbs over weight. While pregnant with our first son I...[Read More]

Beware of this IRS Scams from Diane Kennedy
Wednesday, 05/21/14 - I'm on Diane Kennedy's email list for and felt it's important to spread the word about this IRS Scam in case you may not be on her distribution list.  From the...[Read More]

“I’m going to regret this”
Monday, 05/19/14 - Looking back on this old photo in 2008 I'm so glad I changed my habits over five years ago after being sick for so many years. No one could figure out the mystery of my chronic illness...[Read More]

These are the guys I've partnered up with .. no more crying in the shower!
Sunday, 05/18/14 - These are the guys I've partnered up with to help spread the word about an issue I'm very passionate about!  Because I was sick too for years and none of the doctors I went to could help...[Read More]

Heartfelt story...please read and pass on to anyone you love!
Thursday, 05/15/14 - Had to share this story after reading because it reminded me so much of my own journey!  For twelve years my health continued to decline and no one could figure out why.  It started with...[Read More]

Big Government and Big Food Give the Same Weight Loss Advice from Dr. Mark Hyman
Tuesday, 05/13/14 - Just in today from Dr. Mark Hyman.  I heard Dr. Hyman speak recently on one of The Gluten Summit interviews with Dr. Tom O'Bryan. --Big Food is hell bent on confusing us with...[Read More]

Free Leaky Gut Interview You Gotta Hear even if you think you're fine!
Tuesday, 05/13/14 - In today from Dr. Tom O'Bryan - You know how passionate I am about intestinal permeability and healing the gut.  I believe it to be the ONE THING everyone needs to make sure...[Read More]

For Moms & Moms to be.. have issues with fertility? FREE Thyroid Sessions
Friday, 05/09/14 -   As a mom I too know what it’s like to struggle with hypothyroidism.  I did for many years! Pushing through fatigue every single day to be the best mom she can be has to be...[Read More]

Do you or someone you know and/or love suffer from the following...
Wednesday, 05/07/14 - Depression, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Obesity, Yo Yo dieting, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Pain, Brain Fog, Fatigue, Sexual Dysfunction, Insomnia, Migraines, Mood Swings?  Any of this ring a...[Read More]

Are You Fed Up? This is Alarming!
Tuesday, 05/06/14 - This photo doesn't come in too well, but if you're reading this I'm sure you get the picture!  From Dr. Mark Hyman - The new movie, FED Up, is out May 9th, finally tells the...[Read More]

Celiac Awareness Month 2014
Thursday, 05/01/14 - From my friends and colleagues at TheDr.comCeliac Awareness Month 2014 has begun! I would like to salute the patients, researchers, practitioners, educators and advocates across the planet who are...[Read More]

Why Disease's Don't Exist and What Really Makes You Sick!
Wednesday, 04/30/14 - This is what I’ve been saying for years but heck I’m not a doctor, have no fancy credentials, etc. I'm just a mom and woman in her 60’s who’s been through all the health...[Read More]

Getting Yourself Off To a Good Start
Thursday, 04/17/14 - “Then the Lord said to me, “Arise, begin your journey.” One way to love yourself is to keep your physical body in shape, and one of the best ways to do that is to be committed...[Read More]

Why I recommend Blackbox for Entrepreneurs
Tuesday, 04/01/14 -   Spring is finally here in Texas and our garden is booming!  Hope you are seeing some fabulous weather too!  It's been some winter hasn't it?  Before we know it it...[Read More]

Is this YOUR Brain?
Tuesday, 03/25/14 - This Is Your Brain on Gluten A No. 1 bestseller by a respected physician argues that gluten and carbohydrates are at the root of Alzheimer's disease, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. What to...[Read More]

Just because it's gluten free doesn't mean it's healthy!
Saturday, 03/15/14 - Words Of Enlightenment “If you limit yourself with limiting beliefs, you’re going to live a limited life in a limited world.”  ~ Sunita Sukhraj Someone recently sent...[Read More]

Is it Ok to eat Brussel Sprout leaves?
Friday, 03/14/14 - Was tending to our organic garden last evening and realized our two Brussel Sprout plants I planted in January are not doing much spouting!  They've really weathered the cold this winter...[Read More]

Dirty Dozen Foods To Always Buy Organic...
Wednesday, 03/12/14 - Quick refreshing lunch today after going over to Austin to meet with our good friend and holistic doc  Nicole Hewitt!  Fresh salad from Whole Foods with some Kale from our garden topped...[Read More]

The BIG Fat lie we've been suckered into!
Wednesday, 01/29/14 - Every wonder why autoimmune disease is so rampant in this country? Why do you think there's such a high incidence of health issues such as  ADD, ADHD, Autism, diabetes, dementia,...[Read More]

How can cooking with juniper berries help with cedar fever?
Saturday, 01/18/14 - Not sure about you but this year here in the Austin Hill Country the Cedar pollen has been horrendous!  You can see it all over the car, windshields, and glass table tops.   I was...[Read More]

Why on earth did I decide to become a Pampered Chef Consultant?
Thursday, 01/16/14 - Listen To This Audio To Find Out! (5 min) Been dreaming of having quality products for your kitchen that will last a lifetime?  Products you can pass down for generations?!   Well...[Read More]

Don’t be afraid to splurge!
Wednesday, 01/15/14 - One of the quickest ways to go off any diet is to limit your eating so much that you never get to indulge in some of your favorite foods. Give yourself the occasional pass and mix in an unhealthy...[Read More]

When Fat is a Good Thing! Healthy Benefits of Coconut Oil
Tuesday, 12/10/13 - Thinking it’s too expensive to eat healthy?  You may want to think again!  Just take a look at our health care system in the USA.   People are sicker with autoimmune...[Read More]

Latest Holiday News from Gluten Free Lady!
Thursday, 12/05/13 - The Holidays are here!  That means shopping, cooking, fellowship and lot's of fun!  Sometimes though shopping can be a drag right?   That's why I love to shop from the...[Read More]

What Are The Signs Of Gluten Sensitivity?
Tuesday, 12/03/13 - Signs Of gluten Sensitivity from David Perlmutter, MD author of ‘Grain Brain’. The best way to know if you’re sensitive to gluten is to get tested.  Unfortunately,...[Read More]

Want to boost your brain power and keep your memory?
Sunday, 12/01/13 - “If you want to boost your brain power, keep your memory, and lift your mood and energy, as well as heal from a host of common complaints Dr. Perlmutter is your guide.  This is the...[Read More]

The truth about what's killing people... will you be next?
Wednesday, 11/27/13 - Forward From Dr. Tom O’Bryan –   My Godmother’s death certificate said “Hepatocellular Carcinoma” (liver cancer), but it should have said “Hepatocellular...[Read More]

What do I fuel my body with first thing in the AM?
Thursday, 11/21/13 - 60 Feels Great!  And The Journey Continues!  Here's more of what I've discovered this last week.... I’ve been listening to some of the expert health advisors online at...[Read More]

No grains! Does that mean no holiday stuffing? Here's one for all you Paleo lovers!
Tuesday, 11/19/13 - 60 Feels Good! I’m eliminating corn from my diet now because of some recent issues.  Seems every time I eat corn products, such as corn tortillas, Freetos, gluten free corn bread and even...[Read More]

Is it worth losing your health?
Thursday, 11/14/13 - Isnt' it amazing how so many flock to all these people promising to help them get rich so they can live a better life?  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not kidding myself, I know that...[Read More]

Gluten Free Lady Update on Blackbox Skin & Personal Care Products...
Thursday, 11/07/13 - Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the weather where ever you are!  It's really nice, clear, brisk fall weather here in Austin!   We've already had quite a bit of...[Read More]

Gluten Free For The Holidays Doesn’t Have to Be A Drag!
Tuesday, 11/05/13 - Howdy gang!  The holidays are fast approaching and I love to eat good tasting healthy food don’t you?  Why of course you do! It wouldn’t be the holidays without all your...[Read More]

Yummy Food for the Holidays! What they don't know won't hurt um!
Thursday, 10/31/13 - When I first started cooking gluten free about five years ago and taking dishes to gatherings, I would say this is gluten free then see people avoid my dish like the plague!  I started to wonder...[Read More]

Have you registered for the first-ever Gluten Summit yet? It's FREE!
Tuesday, 10/29/13 - Brought to you by  Our event is a series of interviews with the world’s leading experts on gluten-related disorders, health and nutrition that will be broadcast ONLINE from...[Read More]

What an awesome day this is to be alive again!
Tuesday, 10/29/13 - It's been five years since I started a gluten free diet.  Gosh it seems like much longer ago that I started this journey! My health had actually begun to decline for over twelve years too...[Read More]

Hotze Health & Wellness Center gluten-free webinar
Monday, 03/25/13 - Have you been experiencing symptoms such as migraines, joint pain, brain fog, tired all the time, skin issues, stomach issues. Or perhaps you have been diagnosed with thyroid disease, lupus,...[Read More]

Two Reasons Not To Trust The FDA from The People's Chemist
Wednesday, 03/13/13 -   Drug safety is a simple matter of majority rule, of 51% telling the other 49% that deadly drugs are safe and necessary. And that majority is fueled by profit, not science. I witnessed this...[Read More]

Frozen Gluten Free Potstickers Now Available!
Tuesday, 03/12/13 - My son loves potstickers and I've always wanted to try one! Chinese food has always been one of my favorites and every time we do out to eat mom's suggestion is P F Changs. Even if you avoid...[Read More]

‘The Conundrum of Gluten Sensitivity - Why the Test are Often Wrong “Purring vs. Rumbling” plus Dr. Thomas O'Bryan on Blog Talk Radio
Sunday, 03/10/13 - “If your car is running fine on the highway at 60 miles an hour, do you listen when the immune system of the car (the dashboard gauges) says “we’ve got a problem here”, and the...[Read More]

5 Healthy fat burning snacks ....
Friday, 03/01/13 - Belly fat, uggh!  Do you have trouble with getting rid of belly fat?  Ok can we talk? Let's be honest..  I hate having belly fat don't you?!  Here's 5 healthy fat...[Read More]

Things to look for when comparing products.....
Friday, 03/01/13 - Wow it's hard to believe the big 60 is coming up this year!   I feel better and look more vibrant than in years!   Using high quality nutritional, skin and personal care...[Read More]

TONIGHT - Dr. Tom O'Bryan & Sean Croxton Destruction from Within: LPS Toxicity February 12, 2013, 5:00 PM ET
Tuesday, 02/12/13 - Buckle your seat belts, friends. Today, I'm throwing down what I call the UW Radio Guarantee. In other words, I guarantee that tonight's show will be an Instant Classic. How can I be...[Read More]

Gluten Free Whether You Need It Or not...
Wednesday, 02/06/13 - Eat no wheat. That is the core, draconian commandment of a gluten-free diet, a prohibition that excises wide swaths of American cuisine — cupcakes, pizza, bread and macaroni and cheese,...[Read More]

The new journey begins.....
Monday, 01/21/13 - I'm headed over to Curves in Lakeway to sign up for a membership.  The best work out plan for me personally is a program like Curves because - 1.  Gets me out of the house! 2. ...[Read More]

5 Healthy Foods For Losing Weight ....
Thursday, 01/17/13 - 5 Healthy Foods For Losing Weight as seen on the Dr. OZ show with Dr. Fuhrman Eat the right healthy foods and there's no need for counting all those calories!  Pomegranate great for the...[Read More]

Healthy benefits of beets and raw juice recipe
Tuesday, 01/15/13 - Beets help your mental health Beets contain betaine, the same substance that is used in certain treatments of depression. It also contains trytophan, which relaxes the mind and creates a sense of...[Read More]

Take Care of Your Body
Monday, 01/14/13 - "Do you not know that your body is the temple (the very sanctuary) of the Holy Spirit Who lives within you, Whom you have received (as a Gift) from God? 1 Corinthians 6:19 I want to ask you today...[Read More]

Healthy benefits of Swiss Chard & raw juice recipe....
Sunday, 01/13/13 - Mean Green FUN Drink Read here about the benefits of Swiss Chard – This is one of the best tasting raw juices I’ve made to date.  Using the YOLI Fun drink along with the...[Read More]

Antibotic Raw Juice Recipe....
Saturday, 01/12/13 - Antibotic Juice Recipe - (my husband had a cough for about two weeks that would not go away.   I decided to make him this juice and it was gone the next day.  He also took the...[Read More]

Healthy benefits of Chia Seeds....
Monday, 01/07/13 - This Mayan strength seed contains a killer blend of protein, carbs, fat, and fiber, making it an ideal energy booster! It’s also high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which help the body...[Read More]

Healthy benefits of adding Turmeric to your diet....
Sunday, 01/06/13 - After reading Dr. Sandra Cabot's book 'The Liver Cleansing Diet, picked up this healthy little root yesterday at Whole Foods and was amazed at all the awesome health benefits!  Not only...[Read More]

Are you putting your health in your own hands or in someone else’s hands?
Saturday, 01/05/13 - Over the past few decades, America has become the most overfed yet undernourished nation in the world. When people feel sick, they go straight to the doctor’s office, looking for a quick fix to...[Read More]

Health benefits of nuts, seeds and recipe for delicous nut butter protein snack....
Friday, 01/04/13 - Healthy, tasty, homemade nut butter!    Health Benefits of Flax Seeds  - Helps fight constipation.  The consumption of flaxseed is associated with a reduction in total...[Read More]

Why is Chicken soup good for the soul and the body?
Wednesday, 01/02/13 - Just made a big pot of homemade chicken soup today!  How good does that sound?  Well someone around here sure needs it. We all know that a steaming bowl of chicken soup will soothe a sore...[Read More]

Why Whey Vs Soy Protein?
Wednesday, 01/02/13 - Hands down this is our choice when it comes to Whey Vs Soy in our protein shakes and here's some of the important reason's why.  You can either pay now or you can pay later.  Changes...[Read More]

8 Holiday Weight Loss Do’s and Don’ts from Hotze Health & Wellness Center
Wednesday, 01/02/13 -  *These tips are all right in line with what I recommend to my colleagues and clients and I'm always raving about the dangers of artificial/chemical sweeteners such as Sucralose/splenda, so...[Read More]

Seven food suggestions when you’re craving sweets....
Monday, 12/31/12 - Who's ready for an even better YOU in the new year?  Who wants better health, improved finances and to enjoy life more abundantly this new year?    Give me a shout to brainstorm...[Read More]

What's up for a healthier, happier and prosperous 2013?
Sunday, 12/23/12 - Just finished reading both of Dr. Sandra Cabot's books ‘The Liver - Cleansing Diet’ and ‘Raw Juices Can Save Your Life.  This information has been fascinating, eye opening...[Read More]

Personal thoughts on various ingredients in health products....
Monday, 12/17/12 - This information is my personal opinion and is not meant to offend any particular person or to speak negatively about any particular product, ingredients, or company.   So for anyone sensitive...[Read More]

Christmas By The Cupful
Monday, 12/17/12 - A heaping cup of happiness,  2 of love and caring,  1 of understanding, 1 of joyful sharing, A level cup of wisdom,  1 of artful living, 1 of thoughtful insight,  1...[Read More]

7 Ways to survive the holidays.....
Tuesday, 12/11/12 - Is it easy for you to allow the holidays to derail your gluten free and healthy eating habits? Being surrounded by the ones we love with dozens of delicious sweet and savory treats that are calling...[Read More]

The Power of Protein As You Age
Thursday, 11/29/12 - Protein meals and shakes play a major part of my daily regimen.  Dr. Thomas O'Bryan also recommends protein shakes for anyone who’s not getting enough protein in their daily diet. ...[Read More]

Impact of Celiac Disease in the workplace ....
Saturday, 11/17/12 - As someone who's experienced the debiiltating health issues with Celiac and gluten sensitivity I can certainly relate to Jennifer's position.  There were times when I would go to the...[Read More]

Could Chronic Inflammation be killing you?
Wednesday, 11/14/12 - Look and feel younger than you have in years?  There's a solution!  Read on..... According to best-selling author Jonny Bowden, PhD,  The Causes of Chronic Inflammation are...[Read More]

You're only as good as your gut...
Wednesday, 11/14/12 - Another major player in my daily health regimen.... Leaky Gut Syndrome, is a gastrointestinal disorder in which the intestinal lining of the digestive tract becomes more permeable, or...[Read More]

Turning Back the Clock....
Wednesday, 11/14/12 - This has been one of the major products in my daily regimen since 2009.  Today, there's a new worldwide health concern affecting everyone. If free radicals and antioxidants were the focus...[Read More]

Gluten Free Protein Shakes
Monday, 11/12/12 - PuraWhey™ uses only the finest, biologically active, non-denatured, and minimally processed whey to maintain the full range of all the nutrients present in fresh raw milk. Unlike heavily...[Read More]

What is Chronic Inflammation?
Monday, 11/12/12 - According to best-selling author Jonny Bowden, PhD,  The Causes of Chronic Inflammation are Everywhere... They're in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the powders we...[Read More]

Boosting Our Immune System Without Taking Vaccines
Friday, 11/09/12 - UPDATE:  December 11, 2014 - The Flu Shot is Not Effective - from Hotze Health & Wellness Center -  Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health...[Read More]

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