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New Gluten Free Toxic Free Mineral Makeup line now available!  June 2017

Blackbox Cosmetics mineral make up line is finally here! We've been using Blackbox products since June 2012 and absolutely love every one of them and as Gluten Free Lady I've been recommending their product line for years. Their new makeup concealer is incredible. Just so you all know I rely on them to produce chemical free products we can all use and I can recommend without hesitation. This line is not only toxic free it's very affordable -
If interested in learning more just visit my website at -

For anyone interested in the business side of things -

Blackbox Cosmetics Commissions are the highest in the direct selling industry. I know too because I've been in the direct selling industry for over 20 years.  I promise you that there's absolutely no hype with this company. That's another reason why they can offer such incrediblely affordable products. They are not your typical MLM/Direct Selling company with all the glitz and glamour, traveling to events, walking across the stage, etc.  Just great products with no chemicals that actually work and that people can afford. 

Here's the latest from the company headquarters:

Do you know?  We raised shopping cart commissions and wholesale discounts for all independent sales associates?

Our commission structure is very simple.  Our Independent Sales Associates/Consultants (ISA’s) are paid 30-40% commission on everything purchased from their shopping cart. As if 30% (the highest in the industry) isn’t enough, we wanted to make it quick and easy to get paid 40% commission on every sale you make for the rest of your life.  So when you sponsor 3 new sales associates into your sales organization, you get paid 40% commission on your entire shopping cart orders.  You get paid 40% commission every single month and40% off your own personal purchases without ever having to sponsor another person or hit any type of bonus or quota.  You can make even more if you wish to buy in bulk and sell to customers in person.  This is often the case when selling at home parties, trade shows, farmers markets, and/or auction sites for example.

Just remember.. sponsor 3, means 40% commissions on your sales and a 40% discount on our own personal purchases of Blackbox Cosmetics’ outstanding products.  That’s it! Do you know 3 people that would like a 30-40% discount off on Toxin-Free Luxury Makeup, Age-degying Skin-Care Products, High Performance Hair-Care Products, and Incredible Personal Hygiene Products? Sponsoring 3 is only the beginning.  Sponsor even more and watch what happens with the power of exponential growth and residual income.

If you are interested in learning more contact me personally for more information on how to get started with Blackbox Cosmetics!



Blackbox Cosmetics launched in 2009 and have now also added Blackbox Universal branding. We've been using this skin and personal care line since June 2012 and have seen first hand the incredible healing power of these products.  My husband has had some really horrible sores on his ears and face for over three years and nothing he's tried has cleared them up.  He did not want to go have a doctor cut on his face so we tried the Blackbox products (Sea Mask) on him and the sores are clearning up. 

January 2014

                Summer 2014              

November 17, 2014


We are impressed with the founder's goal to revolutionize the cosmetics industry by dramatically improving many cosmeceutical and personal care items. They are accomplishing this goal by introducing the most effective products in the marketplace with the least amount of toxins possible. The products are uniquely designed with potent levels of the most effective nutrients, compounds, & botanicals that offer superior results. The packaging is cool, attractive, smart, & earth friendly... and they are removing harmful chemicals and preservatives that are prevalent in the industry. Their #1 goal is to produce the most advanced personal care products in the world. Their #2 goal is to obtain goal #1 using the healthiest and safest ingredients possible. Since introduction into the marketplace with 4 products, they have added a dozen new and outstanding products to the line like Black Vanilla lotion (I love this product!  It smells amazing!!)


Currently testers are using and evaluating our first nutraceutical product and we are hearing great reports. A second version will be mailed to them shortly for a comparison. "FIRE" is our preworkout shot/drink we are developing for Nutrux and a post workout shot/drink named "ICE" will soon follow. These are healthier alternatives to what is currently on the market and yet they both contain the most advanced pre and post sports nutrients available.

I'm excited to know these new nutritional products will be gluten/wheat free! 

Are you interested in testing out this unique and effective skin/personal care line for women and men?    If so, we would like to speak with you personally if you are an upbeat, outgoing, positive leader in your field, and you've been looking for the right fit. This company is without all the hype and hoops to jump through and there are no monthly minimums or autoships to qualify for commissions and no yearly fees.  If you do not place orders you will not lose your organization, period.  Being in the Network Marketing/Direct Selling profession for over 20 years I've never seen anything like this before.  It's quite refreshing.   They also have top notch customer service. 

FYI - BlackBox Cosmetics VS. Other Direct Selling Companies with CEO Kevin Evans -

Question: What is the biggest difference in the BlackBox Opportunity compared to other direct selling companies? Aren't they all basically the same?

Answer: When I started designing the commission and bonus structure of BlackBox Cosmetics, I researched every direct sales and network marketing company I could find. The honest truth is... I was shocked to find how difficult it was for sales people to get paid a commission for their sales, but even more so to get paid on the sales in their organization. In every case, I found monthly quotas and ongoing purchase and sales requirements for a salesperson to get paid a percentage of sales made in their organization.

If for some reason you were to take a break from selling, recruiting, or marketing the products, e.g. retirement, illness, death in the family, or just an extended vacation... your income would quickly cease to exist. There was no more residual income from the organization you helped build until you actively started purchasing or selling again. Unfortunately, that isn't always possible or desirable as noted by the examples above

That was not acceptable to me. So I did not incorporate any of those quotas or requirements into the system. Independent Sales Associates can go months, years, even decades without ever recruiting, selling, and/or purchasing another BlackBox Cosmetics' product. Yet they will still get paid a percentage of sales on every item sold in their organization down 5-8 levels. That is pretty incredible in comparison.

Kevin Brett Evans

  Check out our new website and all the newest products at -



Sue Seward

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