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500mg bottle for...

Children, babies, dogs/cats, adults w/ minor issues like periodic headaches, minor muscle aches, etc

750mg bottle for...

Adults w/ insomnia, migraines, mental chemical imbalances, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, major inflammation issues
(**remember inflammation is one of the main causes for most ppl health issues...get rid of inflammation...get rid of the issue**)

How do you take CBD oil? Hempworx is meant to be taken sublingual (under the tongue) for immediate absorption.  We hold it under our tongue for about 10 seconds then swallow.  You can also use it as a topical rub on bites, scrapes, cuts, burns, blisters, achy joints, muscles, and other skin issues.

When you are new to cbd oil you will want to start out slowly and work your serving size up to where you are getting the best relief.

Start out with 3-5 drops (5 drops just fills the tapered portion of the dropper) under the tongue when you wake up and again before you go to bed. If needed you can take another serving during the day if your pain is coming back or you feel anxious, etc.

Some people automatically think more is better and immediately want to take a full serving or even a full dropper which is approximately 50-60 drops. That's a lot for your first serving. Don't do this! You could actually make your symptoms worse instead of better, you may get nauseous, dizzy, sleepy or maybe nothing happens at all, or you may be one of the people that a large dose helps. It's always best to start low and slow and work your way up.

3-5 drops twice a day for the first week

7-10 drops twice a day for the second week

11-15 drops twice a day for the third week

16-20 drops twice a day for the fourth week

Some of our customers including myself are feeling complete relief with the 7-10 drop serving twice a day. 

Everyone is different...find what works best for you.

Honestly in my 20 plus year full time career in Network Marketing and experience in the health/wellness field I have not seen or taken an overall wellness product like we have with HempWorx pure spectrum CBD oil. Must say I’ve never seen such positive feedback from customers and affiliates sharing such promising stories of recovery like I have with these fabulous products. It truly makes me smile to help change peoples’ lives in such a blessed way!

If you’ve been taking it and not seeing the results you had hoped for be sure you are drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins. Personally, I started out with a lower dosage and built up over time. I honestly believe our CBD oil is working even when someone doesn't have results so quickly like some folks say they are. It can take weeks or even months for some to see results. Things can happen in a week, things can happen in a month, it’s all going to be worth it for those who don’t give up. And some people I have a feeling will really be able to tell the difference in how they feel after they stop taking it. It just may be possible too that if someone has been reading all those testimonies of quick relief and feeling just a bit skeptical they could subconsciously block positive things from happening. The body is silently repairing itself. It took years for our body to get into a chronic situation, it takes time to regenerate and heal.

I've been using the 500 mg drops and up to 1/2 dropper twice a day for 2 plus months now. I used the pain relief cream recently on a knot that was coming on in my upper back and truly it was gone by morning. I’ve had these in the past and they can sometimes last a week and it gets to where I cannot even turn my neck without straining and pain. I drink water throughout the day as always. I'm sleeping soundly through the night for the first time in like 20 some years and that means my brain is repairing itself too! My husband says he is sleeping so much better too! Great for our cognitive health especially since we are in our mid 60’s. I can also tell my gut issues are much better and no joint or back pain when working in our garden. I've been gluten/wheat free, eating clean for 9 years so that has helped heal a lot of my chronic health issues, but I still have had some gut issues when eating too many grains even rice and corn or eating out away from home. I can really tell the difference and it’s getting so much better!

I encourage people to stick with the CBD oil because it’s clean and pure and allow your body to repair itself, it will help to start eating cleaner if you’re not already doing so and drink plenty of fresh water. Put lemon in your water and even some stevia to make it taste better if you don’t like water. Lemon helps flush out toxins too! That means eliminating a lot of packaged foods, fast food, sodas, especially diet soda, junk food, franken foods, in other words eat REAL FOOD! Your body will thank you and so will your family! Never Give Up! 👍❤️😎 Sue Seward - Gluten Free Lady 

For more information on this amazing CBD hemp oil we're taking and recommending visit ===>


Sue Seward
Gluten Free Lady Wellness Solutions
512-557-7523 Mobile/Text

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